Simon Tee

The Surname

The adoption of second names or surnames in Europe took place from the 11th century onwards. Surnames generally fall into four main categories. Occupational names describe the person’s profession. Locational names describe the person’s dwelling or place of origin. Descriptive names distinguish the person’s physical characteristic or mannerism. Patronyms are the adoption of the person’s father’s name as a surname.
Tee is a locational name originally for “a dweller at the stream”, derived from the Old English “atte – ea”, this translated means “at the river”.

The Blazon of Arms

Coats of Arms originated in the 13th century as designs carried by knights of old on their shields in order that they could be identified on the battle field. These “armorials” were then formally recorded by heralds, at a later date, crests and mottos supplementing the arms. The language of heraldry is of great antiquity and each “charge” or device is symbolic. The main tinctures are as follows :-

Argent is silver/white meaning peace,
Or is gold/yellow meaning generosity,
Sable is black meaning constancy,
Gules is red meaning military fortitude,
Azure is blue meaning loyalty and true,
Vert is green meaning hope and joy.

It is from such ancient blazons of arms that a decorative representation can be portrayed.

The Blazon of arms for the Tee Family is :-

Arms : Gules with a Argent Chevron with three roses of the field, between three tigers argent. Crest : A tigers head erased argent.