Simon Tee
Information Technology

STC Ltd. R.I.P.

From 2004 until 2008 I ran a totally independent IT consultancy company, Simon Tee Consultancy Limited, giving unbiased advice on a range of subjects including hardware, software and networking. This company was small but successful maintaining web and email hosting and IT support for a number of small companies and societies as well as committing to contracting positions for large companies, most notably Microsoft Research and Sony Computer Entertainment in Cambridge and Coloplast in Peterborough.

In June 2008, I had the choice of continuing with STC Ltd. or take a position as IT Support Analyst with a successful company close to where I live. It was a difficult decision but as STC Ltd. took up so much time and the new position gave me a chance to pursue other interests and spent more time with the family, I choose to shutdown STC Ltd. and take the IT Support Analyst position.

The original webpages of STC Ltd. have now been archived away, but here is still the glossary of terms, hints and tips and IT fun stuff which some people they would me to keep published. If your one of them, please enjoy, I will update them as regularly as I can.

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